eTIMS Services

eTIMS Services

eTIMS is a software solution which provides technological convenience to meet taxpayers’ compliance needs. eTIMS will be accessed through various electronic devices including computers and mobile phone Apps, making it more convenient, user-friendly and flexible for businesses to use. Last year KRA adopted the use of the Tax Invoice Management System (“TIMS”) as an enhancement of the then Electronic Tax Register (“ETR”) regime which has been in force since 2005. All VAT registered taxpayers were required to procure the TIMS devices from approved suppliers and integrate the same with the iTax platform.

KRA has now embarked on the second phase of this project and has now rolled out a software version of the TIMS system called eTIMS, to provide additional ways of transmitting electronic invoices to KRA on a real-time basis. The objective of eTIMS is to reduce the cost of compliance for VAT-registered businesses. Through integration with eTIMS businesses will benefit from real time invoice transmission providing accuracy in tax invoice declarations and reconciliation between filed returns and payments. This will also eliminate the need for multiple hardware purchases.

Who should use eTIMS?

  1. VAT registered taxpayers who are yet to be onboarded and are facing challenges integrating with TIMS ETR devices.
  2. Taxpayers dealing in bulk invoicing and facing capacity/performance issues with invoice transmission.
  3. VAT registered taxpayers facing challenges integrating with TIMS ETR devices.


How We Can Help: E-TIMS Registration and Compliance Invoices:

Our dedicated team of experts are here to guide you through the eTIMS registration process, ensuring that your business seamlessly integrates into the digital tax ecosystem.Our financial team will guide your business through each step of the registration process, ensuring all requirements are met. From document submission to system integration

 Additionally, we offer services for generating eTIMS compliance invoices, leveraging the capabilities of the system to streamline your invoicing processes and enhance overall efficiency.

This not only ensures accuracy but also significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally spent on manual invoicing. Stay compliant effortlessly, with real-time reporting and secure handling of your financial data.

Contact us today to explore how our eTIMS services can revolutionize your tax compliance journey and contribute to the success of your business in Kenya!