Value Added Tax (V.A.T) Filing Services

Value Added Tax (V.A.T) Filing Services

Understanding the unique tax landscape in Kenya is essential for businesses to remain compliant and avoid penalties. VAT is a critical component of the Kenyan tax system, and changes in regulations can significantly impact your business’s financial health.

To ensure that your business is VAT compliant, we’ll support you to:-

Submit monthly VAT returns online on iTAX

  • Register your organization on ETims to ensure compliance.
  • Submit a NIL return where no VAT to be declared.
  • Generate an E-slip that will be used to make physical payments of the tax due.

Why choose Alphacap for VAT Services?

Our team will help you navigate the complexities of VAT compliance, from preparing and submitting accurate VAT returns to ensuring timely payments to the KRA. We'll keep you updated on changes in VAT regulations that may affect your business.